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About Us
About Us
Columbus North International School was founded in 2010 to provide parents and students with the opportunity to emphasize global education, including language, culture, and history, throughout their secondary school experience.  Recognized global and language immersion educator, Diane Ging, worked with Superintendent Dr. Gene T. Harris, district staff, teachers, administrators, parents and community members to create a vision for a school that would support global education and create an environment where students would be exposed to and prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.
Columbus North International School creates globally competent students through multiple language and culture offerings (seven languages offered in 2016-2017), language immersion classes (core courses taught in native languages), and Advanced Placement coursework (nine classes offered in 2016-2017).  While the programming of the school is unique and has been recognized at both the local and national levels, the ethnic and cultural diversity of the student body as well as the staff is another strong source of pride and something that separates Columbus North International School from its counterparts.   Through a rigorous curricula and one of a kind student experiences, we believe it is our responsibility to prepare our students to answer the difficult and challenging questions society faces now and in the future.

Columbus North International School is the secondary school (grades 7-12) continuation of programs at Hubbard Mastery School, École Kenwood, and Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy.  The school also draws additional students through a lottery system from middle schools throughout the Columbus City Schools district and the surrounding suburbs, as well as from local charter and private schools.

Columbus North International School is located at the old North High School at 100 E Arcadia Ave in historic Clintonville.
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