Columbus North
International School
Academic Mission
Academic Mission

Columbus North International  School aims to be a leader in international education in Ohio, in the United States, and worldwide. Our teachers work hard to include global themes and 21st century skills in the curricula of every middle and high school course at CNIS. Students study and examine science, math, English, social studies, world languages, and unified arts (physical education, art, and music), but they also learn to apply subject knowledge to the questions and problems that we increasingly face as a global community.  Each semester, students take a unique International Seminar, using a small classroom setting to engage in multidisciplinary exhibition projects that are presented and discussed in a public forum.

In addition, students "major" in Spanish, French, or Mandarin Chinese, taking their primary world language to an advanced course level.  Student will also take at least one semester of elective credit in a content immersion course (a content course taught in Spanish or French). Immersion history courses are available for 9th - 10th graders coming from immersion schools or bilingual backgrounds. Students are also expected to take a language "minor" to an introductory level. Our current offerings are Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and Japanese.

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