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2015-2016 CNIS Site Based Council
2015-2016 CNIS Site Based Council
The second year for the Columbus North International School Site Based Council was very successful.  The Council was made up of highly committed community members, school administrators, teachers, parents, and students that worked to identify school priorities and then created a long-term sustainable action plan that will ultimately lead to increases in student achievement and improvements in school culture.  One of the first actions of the Site Based Council was the unanimous adoption of the Council By-Laws (see download) in November of 2015, which continue to govern the group.  
During the 2014-2015 school year, the school priorities were identified, the action plan was framed, and steps towards implementing the action plan were underway.  The Council identified two school priorities, "branding" and "student travel experiences."  The Council felt these priorities would have the broadest and deepest impact, reaching multiple internal and external stakeholders.  These priorities became the focus of the 2015-2016 Site Based Council.
Priority #1: School Branding
The Columbus North International School Site Based Council will work to create a school brand that will promote the core values and academic programs that have made CNIS a local, state, and national benchmark for global education.  The school branding initiative will have both an internal and external focus.  Internally, the Council will work with teachers and students to transform spaces within the school to actively promote the seven taught languages, cultural diversity, and global education programs.  Externally, the SBC will develop a marketing strategy that promotes the CNIS school brand to the elementary feeder schools (Kenwood, Columbus Spanish Immersion, and Hubbard Mastery School) as well as other locations in order to grow enrollment and program interest.
  • Community partnerships have brought new visitors to CNIS.
  • National and international exposure through WOSU television, McGraw Hill Art of Teaching videos, and visits from public figures have helped increase awareness of CNIS.
Priority #2: Student Travel Experiences 
The Columbus North International School Site Based Council will explore sustainable student travel experiences, for grade 7-12, that promote the core values of the school and academic programs.  In addition, the CNIS SBC will work to create funding opportunities and organize a student travel experience for the 2017 graduating cohort (2015-2016 11th grade class) to the Minnesota Immersion Language Camps.  This student travel experience will allow the 11th grade class to use their learned languages outside of the classroom and gain a deeper cultural understanding.
The CNIS Site Based Council By-Laws were unanimously approved during the November 2014 meeting.
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